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 We are here to help sportsperson to follow their dream and work with full determination to come through with flying colors in every sphere of life.

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Sport was traditionally  considered as a hobby especially in India but now it is taken as a serious career option. Sports help you to make your body physically fit and keep your mind good. If you choose sport as a career it also gives  lots of fame  and money.  People (especially parents) were very  apprehensive regarding sports  and not encouraging when kids wanted to be in this field. But with time everything changes and so has the mentality of the parents. Today, we find parent embracing the change and encouraging   their  kids regardless of them now wanting to or not wanting to be part of it. Movies like chak de India, bhaag  milkha bhaag, dangal, mary kom etc have brought significant change among the people of the country. They have  encouraged people to a great extent and made them realize necessity of sport in life, how it is a great career option and of course good in terms of monetary basis as well.

Sports as a profession offers a plethora of career opportunities. Actual performance on field may be short lived, but a successful stint opens many other avenues for a sports person.You can start your career in school and college level and start play at the state level , regional level and then explores opportunities at national and international level.

Government of India appoints meritorious sportspersons, who represents the National and International events in Olympics, World cup, Asian games, South Asian federation games, Federation cup, Commmwealth games and several other sports activities

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