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National Youth Athletics Championships 2019

National Youth Athletics Championships 2019
National Youth Athletics Championships 2019
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I am pleased to inform you that the 16th National Youth Athletics Championships(Under-18 years) will be held at Raipur (Chhattisgarh) from February 19-21, 2019.

 Reckoning of Age/Eligibility: Athletes age 16 & 17 years on 31st December 2019 i.e. borne 2002 & 2003 are onlyeligible to participate. In other words, one should have borne between 01.01.2002 &31st December 2003 can enter in this Championships.

This Championships will serve as trials for selection of athletes for Asian YouthAthletics Championships to be held at Hong Kong from 15-17 March 2019.

 Age Verification:  AFI Age Verification Committee and a team of Doctors will bepresent to verify the age of Athletes. 

Proof of Age: The athletes are required to bring with them the following originalcertificates for verification:

 (a) X Standard Certificate from recognized Central / State Education Board.

 (b) Birth Certificate from Municipality / Corporation and School Leaving certificate, ifan athlete has not passed X Standard OR is a drop out.

 (c) Birth Certificate from Municipality / Corporation, in case of athletes, who have notgone to School at all.

 Events to be Conducted- The list of events to be conducted is at Annexure I.

 Last date of Entry: The last date of receipt of Entries “ONLINE” i.e. 4th February2019. In no case, entries received after the due date, will be accepted. Link for OnlineEntry will open on 20th January 2019 on AFI Website. 

 Procedure for Sending Entries

Please note that Entry of Athletes is to be sent “On Line” by the respective Secretary ofthe State Athletics Association and NOT by the individual athletes. The ID & Passwordfor State Unit has already been sent by E-mail.It may also be ensured that athletes who meet the entry standard fixed by theFederation, are only included in the Entry List. The entry standard for 2019 is availableon AFI Website and has also been sent to all the affiliated units.

 No.of Entries: Each State Unit can enter three athletes in each event. It is mandatoryto fill all columns in “On-Line” Entry Form.

 No.of Event, an athlete can participate: An Athlete can participate in two individualevents and one Relay.

 March Past: The March Past by all the participating athletes is mandatory. TheManagers/Coaches should therefore, ensure that their athletes participate in MarchPast. The defaulting athletes will not be allowed to participate in the Championships.

 Flag: Each participating Unit is required to send its Flag with the Manager of the team. 

Dope Test: Dope tests will be conducted by NADA during the Championships.

 Participation Certificates: It is the duty of the Managers/Coaches to collect theParticipation Certificate from AFI officials at the venue of Championships. ParticipationCertificates will be issued to only those athletes, who qualify the Entry Standard. 

Selection of Athletes by State Units : You are also requested to send thefollowing documents to AFI :-

 (a) Basis of selection.

 (b) Criteria adopted for selection.

 (c) Minutes of the Selection Committee. 

Your kind cooperation for the successful conduct of the Championships is solicited.


                        MALE                                                      FEMALE 

                     1. 100m                                                     1. 100m

                     2. 200m                                                     2. 200m          

                     3. 400m                                                     3. 400m               

                     4. 800m                                                     4. 800m 

                     5. 1500m                                                   5. 1500m

                     6. 3000m                                                   6. 3000m

                     7. 2000m Steeplechase                            7. 2000m Steeplechase 

                     8. 110m hurdles(0.914 m)                         8. 100m Hurdles(0.762 m)

                     9. 400m Hurdles (0.838 m)                       9. 400m Hurdles (0.762 m) 

                   10. High Jump                                           10. High Jumps 

                   11. Pole Vault                                             11. Pole Vault 

                   12. Long Jump                                           12. Long Jump 

                   13. Triple Jump                                          13. Triple Jump

                   14. Shot Put (5 Kg.)                                   14. Shot Put (3 Kg.) 

                   15. Discus Throw (1.5Kg.)                         15. Discus Throw (1 Kg.) 

                   16. Hammer Throw (5 Kg.)                        16. Hammer Throw (3 Kg.) 

                   17. Javelin Throw (700gm)                        17. Javelin Throw (500g)     

                   18. Decathlon                                             18. Heptathlon   

                    19. 10000m Race Walking                        19. 5,000m Race Walking

                    20. Medley Relay                                       20. Medley Relay


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